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Tiertime UP Mini 2 ES - JaQuba 3D
Tiertime UP Mini 2 ES - JaQuba 3D
Tiertime UP Mini 2 ES - JaQuba 3D
Tiertime UP Mini 2 ES - JaQuba 3D
Tiertime UP Mini 2 ES - JaQuba 3D
Tiertime UP Mini 2 ES - JaQuba 3D
Tiertime UP Mini 2 ES - JaQuba 3D

Tiertime UP Mini 2 ES

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    UP mini 2 ES is TierTime‘s newest and more advanced mini 2 with updated hardware and software. It retains its predecessor’s full enclosure with built-in HEPA filtration, while it has an updated control screen that has more features and functionality.



         The UP mini 2 ES redefines what affordable, portable and accessible 3D printing really mean. One of the easiest desktop 3D printers to navigate, this small but, powerful printer has been packed with upgraded features both inside and out. The UP mini 2 ES keeps the full-enclosure design with built-in HEPA and activated carbon filter for safety and security. It also features an updated control touchscreen, more connectivity options, and all new "Print Queue" feature for one of the most inter-connected desktop machines.

    Tiertime Print Queue
    Coming with the feature like Tiertime print queue, it fits more in the office, classroom and home environments.

    Touchscreen Control
    Upgradeable System, Editable Printer IP Address, Print Job Storage
    More Connectivity
    Ethernet Socket, Extra USB Port, Wi-Fi



    Printing Technology   MEM (Melted Extrusion Modelling)

    Extruder      Single

    Nozzle Diameter  0.4mm

    Extruder Maximum Temperature   299℃

    Extruder Maximum Travel Speed   200 mm/sec

    XYZ Accuracy    5, 5, 5 micron

    Connectivity    USB Cable, Wi-Fi, LAN and USB Stick

    Display      4.3″ Full Colored LCD Touchscreen

    Build Volume    120 × 120 × 120 mm (4.7″ x 4.7″ x 4.7″)(XYZ)

    Printed Object Accuracy    ±0.1mm/100mm

    Layer Resolution     0.15/0.2/0.25/0.3/0.35 mm

    Build Plate maximum Temperature     70℃

    Calibration and levelling      Automatic Nozzle Detect

    Build Plate     Surface Perf or Flex, Heated

    Pause to Change Filament Type     Yes

    Filament     UP Fila ABS, ABS+, PLA, TPU and more

    Filament Diameter     1.75mm

    Filament Spool Compatibility    500 g

    Compatible with 3rd Party Materials     Yes


    Software UP Studio Version   2.5 or above

    Supported OS   Windows 7 (SP1) or higher (32 bit and 64 bit) Mac OS 10.10

    Hardware Requirements   OpenGL 2.0 At least 4GB of RAM

    Importable File Formats   .up3, .ups, .tsk, .stl, .obj, .3mf, .ply, .off, .3ds

    Preview Support Structures   Yes

    Editable Support Structures   Yes

    Physical Dimensions

    • Machine Dimensions   255 x 365 x 385 mm (19.3″ x 20.5″ x 18.1″)
    • Net Weight    7.5 kg
    • Shipping Box Dimensions –
    • Shipping Box Weight –

    Power Requirements

    Power Input   110-240VAC,50-60Hz,90W


    Included Accessories

    • 1 * 0.5 kg spool of UP Fila ABS
    • 1 * UP Fila external spool holder
    • 1 * Bed scraper
    • 1 * Filament cutter
    • 1 * Pair of heat-resistant gloves
    • 2 * UP Perf Boards, 2 * UP Flex Boards
    • 1 * 0.4 mm nozzle
    • 1 * Nozzle wrench
    • 1 * Calibration card
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    Upgraded 4.3 Inch LCD Touchscreen

    An updated control screen verses the original mini 2, it has more features and functionality, plus the ability to be enhanced via future upgrade-able touchscreen system.



    HEPA and Activated Carbon Filter

    3D printing certain materials such as ABS can generate potentially harmful UFP and VOC emissions. The HEPA and Activated Carbon filter effectively reduce these toxic elements, known to be triggers for those suffering from asthma and other pulmonary disorders.







    Distinctive Features



    Automatically Generated Smart Support

    Dedicated UP Studio printing software automatically generate Smart Support structures base on mesh surface angle and area. The support and raft generated by our renowned support algorithm can be easily removed by hand or simple tools.

    For advanced users, UP Studio also provides support editing function so users can optimise the support structures of base on their own preference, save material and reduce post-processing time.

    9-Point Matrix Leveling

    An unique feature of Tiertime UP Studio software. The software sees the build platform in a matrix of 9 areas. Each area can be measured independently for its relative platform height. The software able to remove the height difference between areas by printing a compensating raft under the model therefore the final print will be printed on a completely flat surface.

    In contrast to open source software or their derivatives, which assume a perfectly flat build surface and tilting the final print in order to level. Tiertime’s matrix levelling will not result in a skewed bottom surface so it maximises the dimensional accuracy of your prints.

    Dimensional and Squareness Calibration

    Why Tiertime’s printing system special? It is not solely rely on the mechanical accuracy of the printer chassis to give accurate results. Instead, it provide extra option to correct its prints with software calibration. Users able to correct the dimensional discrepancy using UP Studio’s dimensional calibration feature.

    The software can also correct the squareness of printer axes, so even when the printer’s mechanical structure is compromised, user still able get accurate results easily without tinkering the hardware.



    Multi-User Multi-Device

    Tiertime’s printing system is designed for multi-user and multi-device scenario, not only you, but also your colleagues, family members, students or whoever share the same network could send print jobs to UP mini 2. But don’t worry, your printer’s access can also be restricted to selected individuals by setting a private password.

    Not matter you are using computer, tablet or smartphone, we provide corresponding apps for you to send print jobs by one click on Wi-Fi.

    Nasty Toxic Fumes and Particles are Dramatically Reduced

    The HEPA filter is an integral part of the design, and it’s absolutely superb. Nasty toxic fumes and particles are dramatically reduced, to the point where it’s comfortable to use this printer at your desk.

    Excellent ABS PLA Printing and Robust Performance with Advanced Materials

    Functional Prototypes with ABS and PLA

    Hassle free, reliable and high quality ABS printing of UP mini 2 is one feat that rarely found in sub-1000 USD price range, you simply cannot find another ABS-ready printer more cost-effective.

    Preset PLA profile provide excellent print quality with one click.

    Advanced Materials: PC, Carbon Fibre and Nylon

    UP mini 2 is capable of printing a variety of engineering materials to match your needs: ABS, PLA, PLA-Composites, PC/Polycarbonate, PC-ABS, ASA, PETG, PA/Nylon, Carbon Fibre and more.


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