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MakerBot joins a Google program to improve teachers and students’ 3D Printing experience

Article written by: Kety S. from Our News Partner 3D ADEPT Media 




MakerBot has joined the Google for Education Integrated Solutions Initiative to further enhance teachers and students’ experience in 3D Printing.  This means that the MakerBot Cloud™ platform, MakerBot’s print preparation and management solution, is now integrated with Google for Education.

The cloud-powered 3D printing solution has been upgraded last year, and is now compatible with several design software.

The reason why this integration is necessary

Teachers usually do not know how to manage student submissions and print files. With the MakerBot Cloud™, both teachers and students can have a better 3D Printing workflow.

Indeed, with this solution of the creator of Method, sharing, approving, queueing, and printing directly to MakerBot 3D printers have never been so easy and this, no matter where users are. Furthermore, teachers can save and organize their students’ design files to Google Drive.

The truth is, as they get started with 3D Printing, it is important for both teachers and students to have familiar tools which will enable them to advance their learning curve. That’s what the MakerBot Cloud integration with Google For Education provides. Through the integration, educators and students can easily connect to MakerBot Cloud by using their Google credentials to log in with one click.

As a Google for Education partner, we are making it easier for teachers and students to join the MakerBot ecosystem and utilize the tools and resources we have available,” said Nadav Goshen, CEO, MakerBot. “We remain committed to supporting 3D printing education and will continue to develop solutions that will advance the possibilities of learning and innovation.”

This solution comes at the right moment as, given the pandemic situation, schools are currently experiencing a shift in the way they work; and exploring the use of 3D Printing this way is another advantage the technology is demonstrating.


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