7 Rewarding Benefits of Buying a 3D Printer For Home Use

7 Rewarding Benefits of Buying a 3D Printer For Home Use



3D printing has helped people walk again, has made manufacturing more eco-friendly, and has the potential to make housing affordable.

You don't need to overhaul an entire industry to get incredible benefits from a 3D printer, however. 3D printing offers an endless amount of ways to improve your life or simply add a little more fun.

Getting a new 3D printer online is exciting. But which projects can you tackle to get the best use right away?

Using a little creativity and an abundance of suggestions from the online 3D printing community, you can create items you'll use every day. You'll also be sure to impress your friends and family with your creations.

Here are seven fun ways that 3D printing can benefit you.

Get Better Photos

Whether you're a novice or a professional photographer, a 3D printer can create tools to improve your photos. Your creations can help in setting the perfect frame, adjusting lighting, or storing accessories.

For instance, adding a tripod to your mobile photo kit can help you get better macro shots. Tripods are also a must for long-exposure photos. 3D printers can help you create the perfect tripod for your phone or small camera.

You can also create 3D printed accessories for your DSLR camera. Designs are available for light diffusers, wrenches for your lenses, and lens hoods.

Camera accessories can add up quickly and staying organised can ensure you get the right shot. With a 3D printer, you can create lens cap holders and cases for batteries, SD cards, and other small accessories.

Make Music

Photography isn't the only art form that a 3D printer benefits. You can also create accessories for your musical instrument or even make a full instrument from a 3D printer.

3D printing allows people to make guitars, violins, and other string instruments in the comfort of their own homes. Those just getting started in music-making can print maracas or a variety of whistles.

Do you already play an instrument? 3D printing can help you with custom accessories such as guitar capos, extra mouthpieces, or even speakers. It's also possible to print a set of headphones.

Grow Your Own Food

3D printers are at the heart of countless DIY projects. One of the ultimate DIY projects is growing your own food. This is a great way to become more self-sufficient and learn more about how your food is grown.

With a 3D printer, you can customise a greenhouse for growing herbs or various types of fruits and vegetables. You can also build a tray system including drawers for growing microgreens.

Aside from building a plant environment, you can also print tools to help with gardening. Self-watering planters will help moderate your plant growth. Small shovels or trellises can also ease the growing process.

Streamline Meal Prep

Whether you decide to grow your own food or not, 3D printers can help you make the most out of your time in the kitchen. The cost of kitchen tools can add up quickly, but one of the best 3D printer projects is to create tools affordably.

Creating basic utensils like spoons, whisks, or tongs is easy with 3D printing. But creating your own tools especially helps when it comes to speciality items. You can print items like garlic presses, citrus juicers, or egg separators.

Print Paper Cards for Friends and Family

Using a 3D printer can help you be innovative outside of the kitchen as well. Paper printing presses are another fun, creative way to connect with friends and family.

Several designs have already been developed so you can print your own printing press. A printing press is an innovative way to make cards for the holiday season or to make your own newsletters or magazines.

Have Some Fun With Games

Looking to exercise your mind a little more? Board games and 3D puzzles are the perfect way to stretch your brain. With a 3D printer, you can consistently create new, challenging mind puzzlers.

Printing instructions are available for classic board games like chess, but there is also a whole world of new games that you can print. You'll never get bored with all of the game options available.

If gaming isn't for you, 3D puzzles literally add another dimension to puzzles for an extra layer of difficulty. A consistent flow of new puzzle designs can keep you entertained and you can then pass the puzzles on to friends and family.

Stay Organised

With all of the fun and useful items you can create for your household with a 3D printer, you're sure to need more storage. Not surprisingly, you can create storage solutions with 3D printing as well.

The options for customisable shelves are endless. This means you can print shelving units that can fit any decor. You can also create units with drawers as well as drawer organisers.

Another fun storage solution is to create wall-mounted hooks. These can be used for hanging clothes, headphones, or even your 3D printing supplies.

Get Creative With Your 3D Printer

These are just some of the creative options that are available to you with a 3D printer. With some practise, you'll be able to integrate 3D printed solutions into nearly every aspect of your life.

Getting a printer is an investment that can allow you to customise your home. Fortunately, you can also find a 3D printer online at several approachable price points.

Looking to integrate a 3D printer into your life? Contact us to discuss options. We'll have you printing your own creations in no time!

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